Who we are

Workface, one of the leading companies in European market, distributes and supports high quality architectural products, specified for projects such as stores, hotels, shipping and residential. Our products are homogenous surfaces, providing strong and flexible solutions, with versatility and innovation.
Our long term experience secure high level project handling and delivery, meeting deadlines and effective quality control.
Our partners and customers are Architects, Construction companies, Designers covering big projects as well as many customized demands, commercial or residential (kitchen, islands, tables, bathrooms).
The Industries we represent such as EVONIC or Arpa Industriale, have a leading position worldwide with unsurpassed and innovative products.

Workface distributs in Greece for the following products:

Parapan® by EVONIC, a high gloss surface, ideal for cabinet doors or drawers, wall cladding, bathroom décor and many other applications.
Corian® by Dupont, the homogenous surface for worktops, bars, receptions, service desks without visible joints, that responses to any Architectural creation.
Naturalia® by ARPA Industriale, an eco-friendly material, made of wood fibers and acrylic resins, suitable for worktops, tables, islands, wall cladding, bathrooms, elegant and appropriate for every situation.
SolidCore® by ARPA Industriale, is a solid, compact laminate homogenous surface, water resistant, perfect price performance solution for countertops, surfacing and cladding.